As the leading Brazilian-controlled provider of oil and gas drilling and FPSO services in Brazil, we intend to capitalize on our strong market position. We have consistently expanded in accordance with our growth strategy, which includes the following elements:

Capitalize on our market-leading position in the Brazilian ultra-deepwater drilling and FPSO sectors

As a recognized market leader, we intend to capitalize on our market position and the expected growth in worldwide energy markets pursuing opportunities for expansion aiming at client diversification within Brazil and internationally.

Invest in state-of-the-art ultra-deepwater drilling rigs

We plan to expand our ultra-deepwater fleet through several organic and strategic growth initiatives including investing in new and proven technologies and exploring strategic acquisitions of drilling assets on an opportunistic basis.

Maintain our world class QHSE standards and superior performance

We will continue to stay focused on high quality performance and the safety of our operations. Through the combination of quality assets and experienced and highly-skilled employees we will be able to provide continuous superior performance to our clients.

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