“Our greatest asset is our employees. Team members at all levels within our organization are the key component to the recognition, credibility and successes achieved by Queiroz Galvão Group.”


To improve to the country´s quality of life by actively participating in the energy segment, providing services related to the Oil and Gas activities and achieving results accomplishing corporate excellence and a positive return to shareholders.


To consolidate the Company´s leadership position in Brazil, in its industry, to be a reference in Quality, Environment, Health, Safety and Social Responsibility Management, strengthening the brand and ensuring the sustainable perpetuation of the business.



Integrate with professionalism
and commitment


Honoring commitments


Whatever has to be done has to be well
and safely done


Value that honors
and dignifies; acknowledged by merit

Integrated Management Policy

QGOG Constellation recognizes, as its corporate strategy, the excellence in providing services related to onshore and offshore oil and gas activities, based on quality, environmental protection, health and safety of its employees and the commitment to be socially responsible, considering the following guidelines:

  • To Prevent and control the adverse impacts to the environment, health and safety;
  • To Comply with the legal and other relevant requirements;
  • To Perform business activities in order to increase customers' satisfaction, meeting their requirements and expectations;
  • To Seek continuously the highest performance level for the company´s operational activities;
  • To Contribute to improve people's quality of life, promoting ethics and sustainable development;
  • To Ensure the resources required to achieve continuous improvement in the Integrated Management System.
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